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Many of us are so caught up with the details of living that we often don't take time to seriously seek answers about its meaning. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates realized the foolishness of living this way. He said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."  The STAR COURSE is an opportunity for you to examine the trip of your life so that your living is as informed as it can be; so that its worth is not reduced to the isolated moments and individual experiences. 


Could this be the year you explore the roots of your faith?
In Hebrew the word is שורש, or SHORESH.

Join Provost Canon Paul Jagoe and his wife Robin as they lead a ten-day pilgrimage to the most sacred sites in Israel.
 Watch this 3 minute video for more information.
Click here for tour details and a downloadable pdf.
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The Anglican Union is an international society of Christians dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through prayer, service and unity. From Africa to India, and from Europe to the Americas, the fabric of our witness and service is woven in our oratories - communities that are rooted and grounded in prayer.

Jesus said, "Where two or three gather in my name I am with them." Our oratories include house churches, community and hospital chaplaincies, care for prisoners and society's outcasts, traditional churches, and dioceses. The Anglican Christian tradition is our spiritual heritage and practice, and our ecclesiastical order is provided by our Patron bishops within the worldwide Anglican Communion.
In this age of dis-ease in which norms, conventions, and institutions are crumbling, we are compelled by God's Spirit to do these two things:
  • Hold fast to our hope in Christ, and 
  • Stand as a beacon of light to everyone seeking the way out of darkness. 
We invite you to share with us in the renewal of the faith, once given to the saints. God bless and be with you.


The Anglican Union is a global fellowship of Christians in India, Africa, Europe, South and North America rooted in the life of Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour of the world. In a time when primary institutions are collapsing, fear, distrust, and self-protective autonomy have become the predominant norms. In the face of these seemingly overwhelming dynamics, we are anchored in the hope of a new world and a new humanity created, animated, and sustained by God. This hope strengthens us to be a dynamic family of faith, partnering with anyone God calls to practice the catholic faith in the Anglican Tradition. Click to find out more about our journey.