CLERGY Connect card

Thanks for your interest in The Anglican Union. We're glad you're here. As a preliminary step please tell us about yourself using the form below. Note that there are two kinds of membership for clergy - Full and Associate. See the summary overview of each below. When completing your form be sure to indicate which membership status you are seeking. All information shared with The Anglican Union is completely confidential. Once we receive your Connect Card a member of the Prefect's office will contact you to schedule a consultation.


If you wish to have full clerical status in The Anglican Union the following elements apply to you.
  • You are in Holy Orders which are recognized by The Anglican Union.
  • You petition the Apostolic Prefect and the ecclesiastical authority under which you currently serve to seek a canonical designation for service as a cleric from that diocese / ecclesiastical authority as a member of The Anglican Union. 
  • If accepted by The Anglican Union for full membership you will be directed to ask that a Letter Dimissory be sent to one of the Anglican Union's Episcopal patrons under whom you will be be licensed and directed to serve in ministry. 
  • Once the Letter Dimissory has been received, the Apostolic Prefect will issue a statement of clerical faculties for you to serve in the particular region of The Anglican Union in which you reside.
  • Clergy members who are not directly attached to an oratory are to make part of their common life a gift of at least 1% of their income to the Anglican Union. 
  • You will be expected to adhere to the Constitution and Precepts with the Rule of Life Declarations, 
  • Participate in Clergy Formation Opportunities and Convocation,
  • and if leading an oratory, support the tithe.


If you seek to be attached to the vision and values of The Anglican Union while continuing to remain canonically obliged to a bishop or other eccelsiastical authority who is not one of our Episcopal Patrons you may do so as an Associate member. The following conditions apply.
  • The Prefect will seek a Memorandum of Understanding for you to function in relation to a particular oratory for a limited time. 
  • You commit to offer prayer for the works of the Confraternity. 
  • You assist in the ministry of the Confraternity through pastoral, spiritual, educational or financial efforts to and with the Confraternity and its Patrons. 
  • You participate in the common life of the clergy of The Anglican Union in addition to your other clerical obligations. 
  • Your membership status may be renewed at the end of the period specified at the inception of your relationship with The Anglican Union.