• We are a Confraternity (society/fellowship) of Oratories made of Anglican dioceses,churches, and ministries throughout the world.
  • We were formed in 2018 in the United States with the hope that we can fashion a new way to gather like-minded Anglicans and other Christians around the world to work together for the promotion of the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • We believe it is of a high value to stay connected with the See of Canterbury (The 3rd most historic See after Rome and Constantinople) while by-passing the direct connection with the American Episcopal Church.
  • All the Confraternity clergy are licensed by our Patrons (all diocesan bishops who are in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury.)
  • While our clergy are licensed by our Patrons, we are all given permission to serve under the direction of the Prefect of our Confraternity. This gives us the flexibility to move and grow as we believe the Holy Spirit is leading us.
  • As a Confraternity we are able to work in concert with our Patrons and their dioceses and with any diocese, parish or clergy who may want to partner with us.
  • We are currently connected to 7 dioceses in Africa. Also, there are emerging Confraternities in India, Brazil, and Argentina. We are also in conversation with others.

What is an Oratory?

  • Oratory means a place of prayer. We believe that prayer is first and foremost an essential part of the life and ministry of any Christian and ministry. Our Oratories can be church congregations or other ministries.
  • Oratories also, emphasize particular charisms. (Gifts of ministry to the people around them.)
  • Under the Confraternity of Oratories model, we are not under a diocesan/jurisdictional structure. Our leadership is under a Consistory (a council) made of our Patron Bishops, Clergy and Laity.
  • We are bound together by a Common Rule of Life.
  • In order for the Anglican Union as a Confraternity to be a witness to its vocation, the elements of Gospel unity and Christian fraternity are essential. We believe that living into this vocation as a fraternal communion can be accomplished. It will create a new understanding of being church and offer a renewed charism in the life of the church at large.